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Heartspring Sanctuary
We are a community of healers who have all gravitated to these sacred mountains and all share a special connection with this sanctuary. The healers that offer their skills at Heart Spring Sanctuary come from a variety of backgrounds, education, and spiritual practice. Our intent is to be loving facilitators for the healing and nurturing that is needed at this time on our planet.
Deb Criss

Deb has been a holistic Counselor for 25 years and now owns and operates Heart Spring Sanctuary. She held an office in Asheville N.C. for 13 years. She has practiced emotional regression therapy (body mind correlation), healing for sexual trauma, healing touch for those who have experienced deep trauma, reprogramming for self empowerment, color and sound therapy, massage therapy, nutritional counseling including individual cleansing and transitional diets.
She has studied at Goddard College with a B.A. in Holistic Studies, Lindsey Hopkins L.P.N. Relationship training certifications (2 year training), and Ringling School of Art.
Deb has also co-produced some of the first holistic conventions and is a musician of healing environmental music, producing 6 cd’s and playing in a variety of venues, and has toured nationally
Among her many passions are gardening, playing music, painting and healing with foods.

Marlis Elbers

Marlis was taught at an early age the importance of connecting with the natural surroundings. Her father instilled in her a passion and responsibility to pay attention to the little things around her. She has grown up believing that the more we know about our natural world, the more we will be inclined to do our part in protecting it. She shares great enthusiasm when introducing the local flora and fauna to guests. She has a wealth of knowledge about the local plants and how to use them. Want to know what that odd looking plant is growing beside the trail? Just ask Marlis! In addition to her guided nature walks, Marlis enjoys preparing healthy meals from her garden. She looks forward to seeing you on the trails or just around the sanctuary.

​Belinda Dunn

Belinda Dunn is a professional astrologer with over 35 years exerience. She received her initial training at The Temple of Kriya Yoga, Chicago. This branch of yoga was brought to the United States by Paramahansa Yogananda, author of "Autobiography of a Yogi."  
 In 1972, Belinda received her Master Teacher of Hatha Yoga certification, and graduated from the Temple seminary program in 1974. Over the years, Belinda has shared the ancient arts of yoga and astrology with thousands of people. Since 1992, Belinda's popular astrology column "What's UP," has provided guidance through a variety of publications. This monthly forecast, applicable to everyone, is currently published through her monthly e-newsletter "WHAT'S UP?" and on her website,

Kelie Micho

Kelie has committed her life to the exploration of healing in its many manifestations. Her course of study began at the International Professional School of Bodywork in 1999, where she obtained her Holistic Health Practitioner Certification in the Associates of Science Program.
Kelie holds a space of unconditional love, compassion and support in her sessions. It is her intention to assist in bringing awareness, balance and healing to the body, the mind and the spirit.She has been practicing bodywork for the past 15 years, spending 8 of those years as a Healing Arts Master and Trainer in Ayurvedic Treatments at The Deepak Chopra Center in San Diego, California. Witnessing the heartwarming, transformational experience within herself and her clients brought a deep love and passion for Ayurvedic Healing.
Kelie holds a space of unconditional love, compassion and support in her sessions. It is her intention to assist in bringing awareness, balance and healing to the body, the mind and the spirit.

Roberta Greenspan

Roberta has always been a seeker of connection, with self and others. As one learns by doing and teaches what needs to be learned, her path to healing has been varied. Trained as a Peer Support Specialist, she uses deep listening and empathy skills to hear your heart. For over 10 years, she has practiced re-evaluation counseling techniques to help people bring their early unconscious hurts to the light. Healing deep and early distress on a cellular level is powerful medicine to living in the present. She is a graduate of non-violent communication studies, Community Resiliency Training, Cheri Huber and Open Heart meditations and Relationship School. With a BS in Plant Science, she walks the hills, eats the plants, and grows her food. A fiddler since she was 10 years old, Roberta has played her music deeply from the soul, touring with Alice DiMicele, in the USA and internationally, and working with Deb Criss on many music projects for 20 years.
 Genie Hardee CH

Genie has been a major influence in  the Healing Arts Movement. She studied with many of the great American teachers of the 70’s.and studied at the Santa Fe School of Naturopathy as well as the Santa fe School of Massage in N.M.
From 1983 -1995, she played a major part in the Naturopathic and Bodywork fields in Australia.
Since 1996, she has continued her work in Asheville. She has taught many classes in Qi Gong, Massage, and Energy Healing and has played a major part in bringing in new healing modalities to the main stream consciousness of human beings.
.Genie understands that the most important aspect of healing is creating a safe, comfortable
environment, where a person can experience Deep Peace, and from that space move into
personal power/emotional/energetic balance.
Here in the Heart Spring Sanctuary, she is offering Energy work, Deep State Change work, and
Naturopathic consultations
Genie, has a resume of experience, and degrees, that would take a book to write!
Contact us by phone  828.216.4100    
Email us at
Damon Dickinson is a long time resident of Asheville NC. He has devoted the past 29 years of his life to personal growth and spiritual practice. Trained and certified in a wide spectrum of healing modalities, he intuitively blends his gifts in the perfect blessing that you need now. 
Some of the modalities Damon is certified in are:
Usui Reiki Master
Reiki Tummo Master
Certified Heart Based Therapeutics practitioner 
Certified Professional Life Coach
Massage Therapy
Theta Cellular Breathwork
Damon Dickinson
Diana Stone PHD
Diana has a PHD in Psychology, and is a well known therapist in Asheville NC. She has been a server to human kind all of her life, and has been a spiritual seeker and teacher. Diana also offers life coaching, and is an instructor of the Open Heart Workshops, and the Secrets of Natural Walking. She has gleaned an abundance of life experience, traveling the world and is deeply involved in Padmacahaya International. Her depth of compassion and heart is a blessing. 
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                              Kristin Shelly CH
​ A well known Hypno therapist  and  counselor.
More to come, updating web site.

       Kristen Shelly